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FIRST BIRDS by Patti Haynes

A few Mad Birders and friends decided to kick off the New Year with a BANG! Knowing that there were some really interesting birds nearby, we decided it might be fun to try to find them on the first day of 2014. So, at the crack of dawn that first frigid morning Patti Haynes, Pat […]

Spike the Shrike – Our Carnivorous Songbird

Twice in the past two weeks, I’ve had an opportunity to spend quality time with one of our most fascinating birds – the Northern Shrike. It’s fairly rare that this bird spends much time where it can be observed “up close and personal”.  Most of us see it in a treetop at a distance.  Or, […]

The (not so) Common Redpoll

One of the highlights of Mad River Valley birding this winter is the presence of a small energetic bird named the Common Redpoll.  A member of the Finch family, this bird spends the summer breeding season in Canada but occasionally appears in Vermont in large numbers during the winter, especially when food sources further north […]

Bohemian Waxwings reported throughout the Mad River Valley

Bohemians at Mountain Valley Farm  Waitsfield – Photo by Gib Geiger Beginning about a week ago Mad Birders began reporting Bohemian Waxwing sightings in the valley.  Flocks of between 30 and 70 have been reported in Fayston and Waitsfield and also at various locations throughout the State of Vermont.  These fruit and berry loving birds […]

Mad Birders Host VARIED THRUSH in Waitsfield

Birders from near and far continue to observe the Varied Thrush. Fernando Corrada got this shot on Sunday 1/22/12. Varied Thrush at Mountain Valley Farm in Waitsfield The Mad Birders are proud to have this Varied Thrush visiting the Mad River Valley this week in Waitsfield, Vermont. Mountain Valley Farm owners Gib and Sue Geiger […]

Juvenile Cedar Waxwing Rescue

  Juvenile Waxwing Perched on the Bow Two Mad Birders canoeing on Blueberry Lake in Warren, Vermont this past weekend were in the right place at the right time for the little juvenile Cedar Waxwing pictured above.  The birders spied the Waxwing swimming awkwardly across the lake.  They approached and offered it a paddle onto which the bird […]

Young Hermit Thrush

From Katie Woodruff in Saranac: A poor photo taken through a window and from a distance. However it does show what I wanted to share with you. This young Hermit Thrush was under our feeder this morning and then flew to this pink coneflower and tried to eat the seeds. This was definitely a first […]

Mad Birder Trio Spies a Snow White Hawk!

  On June 28th, 2011, a trio of Mad Birders: Ali Wagner, Pat Folsom and Patti Haynes headed to Orleans County to help Patti achieve her 2011 goal of birding all fourteen Vermont counties in a single calendar year.  Barr Hill in Greensboro was the target destination, but they were keeping track of every bird […]

The Nesting Season

  The Mad Birders are very grateful to Professor Bernd Heinrich who came to Warren, VT to give a talk titled “Bernd on Birds” last Saturday afternoon.  Apologies to all for the delay in starting the program.  The talk focused on the nesting habits of many common North American songbirds and Professor Heinrich provided some […]

For Every Bird a Nest

For every Bird a Nest — Wherefore in timid quest Some little Wren goes seeking round — Wherefore when boughs are free — Households in every tree — Pilgrim be found? Perhaps a home too high — Ah Aristocracy! The little Wren desires — Perhaps of twig so fine — Of twine e’en superfine, Her […]