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‘Tis the Season for Baby Birds

As we move into July, baby birds are being seen and heard in our yards and forests.  Listen for begging calls as parents continue to feed babies after they have fledged, watch for youngsters learning to fly and take care of themselves in the big world.  Some bird species are now sitting on a second […]

Plum Island opportunity – September 9-11

Mad Birders will visit the Plum Island/Parker River area in Massachusetts in early September.  We will leave early on September 9, explore as many birding sites as possible, return late on September 11.  Participants will make their own motel reservations, Greenleaf Inn is suggested.

Ward Hill Walk on Saturday, August 30

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Mad Birders will meet at Shaws at 7:30 AM to carpool to Pratts on Rte 100 in South Duxbury.  We will park at red gate on Ward Hill and start birding at 8 AM.  Team Pipit will lead us to find late summer residents and birds in migration.  Wear sturdy footwear, bring sunscreen, water.

Granville Monitoring Walk, Saturday, July 19

Mad Birders will meet at Shaws in Waitsfield at 7 AM to carpool to Granville to do a monitoring walk on the Parker property.  We will record species and numbers in three different habitats with the owners.  Wear waterproof footwear, bring insect repellant, sunscreen, and water.  This will involve some hiking.  A possible extension drive […]

Knoll Farm Monitoring Walk, Thursday July 10

Mad Birders will meet at Knoll Farm on Thursday, July 10 at 7:30 AM for a 2.5 hour monitoring walk.  We will check out three habitats, recording species and numbers in the habitats, plus any others encountered on the walk between blocks.  Wear sturdy footwear, bring insect repellant, sunscreen, and water.