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White-Headed Black-Capped Chickadee in Moretown

      Here is the “bald-headed” or leucistic Black-Capped Chickadee that has been coming and going at the home of Scott Saintsbury in Moretown.  Note the white head!!!  Scott had to shoot through a window on a dreary day so the shutter speed was low. And, the bird would not stand still. Scott reports that he was […]

Bohemian Waxwings still with us for a few more weeks.

    Mad Birder Tina Valentinetti got these great shots of Bohemian Waxwings in Montpelier, Vermont on March 5th.  The Bohemians are winter visitors and usually leave Vermont by the 3rd week in April, so we will have them around for only a few more weeks.  One can distinguish our resident Cedar Waxwings from our visiting […]

Dead Creek, October 17

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Mad Birders will meet at Shaw’s at 2 PM to carpool to Dead Creek area in the Champlain Valley.  We will check for Snow Geese and other birds around the goose viewing area, then spend the evening at the Owl Banding Station nearby.  It will be the peak of NOrthern Saw-whet Owl migration.  Bring a […]

Franklin County Trip, July 9

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Meet at Shaws to carpool to Franklin County.  We’ll look for grassland birds at the Franklin County Airport, visit Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge.  All day trip.

Wu Ledges, May 2

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Meet Mad Birders at Shaws in Waitsfield at 7:30 AM.  We will carpool to Jon and Amy Jamieson’s to hike the trails of this wooded area and perhaps find a raven nest.  Young birders are welcome.  There will be a potluck brunch at Pat Folsom’s following the walk.

Old County and Old Center Fayston Road, April 29

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Meet at the corner of Old County (Loop) Rd and Old Center Fayston Rd for an easy spring walk.

Birding Costa Rica – Sunday, April 26

Chris and Julia Child will share their birding experiences in Costa Rica.  Join Mad Birders at Warren Library for photos and descriptions of this exciting birding destination.

Juvenile Sharp Shinned Hawk

The photos above were taken by Pat Folsom during this past week (second week of March 2009) of a young Sharp Shinned Hawk (affectionately known as a “Sharpie”)  Note the yellow legs!

Pine Siskins Far and Near

Pine Siskins have been easy to see this winter here in Vermont.  Our previous Mad Birders post about the sighting of a Leucistic  Pine Siskin in Moretown caught the attention of Debbie Janney, a birder in Boise, Idaho ,who was able to get a photo of a Leucistic Siskin at her feeder.  Thanks for sending the photo […]

Red Winged Blackbirds Return to the Mad River Valley

Mad Birders in Waitsfield and Moretown, as well as birders throughout Vermont, have eagerly reported sightings of Red Winged Blackbirds over the past two weeks.  While most people associate the American Robin with the Spring return of migratory songbirds, here in Vermont the Red Winged Blackbird is usually the first to arrive, during the last […]