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Center Fayston Road Bird Walk delivers the goods!

Indigo Buntings… three years running now. Tree Swallows nesting in a bluebird box. An unidentified butterfly among the lilacs. Alex… Alex, Patti, Jeannie, Jeff, Kay and Ave Pat Alex, Kay, Jeff, Patti and Ave Seven Mad Birders had a wonderful walk on Center Fayston Road this fine May morning and spotted gorgeous Indigo Buntings for […]

Mad Birders Serenaded by a Baltimore Oriole on the Mad River Path

A beautiful Spring morning brought out eight Mad Birders to the boardwalk section of the Mad River Path near the Big Picture Theater.  A pair of Baltimore Orioles serenaded us and we all got great looks at both the male and female.  Thanks to Bill Martin for bringing a camera and getting a great shot.  […]

At LONG Last…The Mad Birder Hats have arrived and they are very popular!

Mad Birder Hat in Spruce Thanks to Bryan Pfeiffer, Vermont Bird Photographer Extraordinaire, the Mad Birders now have a logo and it is making its first appearance on some terrific hats.  The inspiration was Bryan’s fabulous photograph of a Ruby Crowned Kinglet.  Bryan is already a consummate Mad Birder, having written (with Ted Murin) the […]