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Waxwings in Waitsfield

January 13, 2005 Friday the 13th was warm and partly sunny, an atypical January day in the Valley. In an apple tree near the Post Office, eight Cedar Waxwings were checking out the fruit still hanging on the tree. Of course they flew off before being photographed. Less than 1/2 mile north on Route 100, […]

Pine Grosbeaks

Beautiful and uncommon Pine Grosbeaks have been seen in several locations around the Valley this winter – Moretown Village and Common, Waitsfield Common, East Warren Road. These birds are unusually tame and can be found feeding in fruit trees, often returning to the same location day after day. Three Christmas Bird Count teams reported Pine […]

Common Redpolls

Common Redpolls are winter visitors to the Valley, they nest in far north. Redpolls are small members of the finch family and form large flocks (50-100) in the winter. Many people are reporting these cheerful little birds at their thistle feeders this winter.