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American Woodcock Nesting – Can you find her?

We hope you can find the American Woodcock in this photo.   Camouflaged well, she is sitting on a nest, which is just leaf litter on the ground actually, of four eggs, the typical clutch for this species.  She was first spotted on May 17th, when she was seen flying low, landing and doing the “broken […]

Five new ravens!!

The five eggs have now turned into five raven babies.  Springtime for birds is all about mating, nesting and the next generation.  Be on the lookout for signs of nesting (usually birds carrying nesting material in their beaks) and then watch for birds nesting on the ground, in nests or in tree cavities and finally listen […]

Spring and offspring (for Ravens)

This Raven’s nest with eggs was recently photographed here in the Mad River Valley.  Five baby ravens…imagine!

Muchas Gracias Chris and Julia!

    The Mad Birders wish to thank Chris and Julia Child for their fantastic presentation about the birds and natural wonders of Costa Rica.  The event at the Warren Library was informative, interesting and intriguing.  Now we all want to get to Costa Rica to see the Collared Aracari or maybe even just a […]