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Young Hermit Thrush

From Katie Woodruff in Saranac: A poor photo taken through a window and from a distance. However it does show what I wanted to share with you. This young Hermit Thrush was under our feeder this morning and then flew to this pink coneflower and tried to eat the seeds. This was definitely a first […]

Mad River Path – Riverside Park and Clay Brook Bridge – Friday, August 5, 7:30 AM

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Mad Birders will meet at Riverside Park (just south of Kingsbury Bridge and Golden Lion Inn and across from Sugarbush Access Rd in Warren) on Friday, August 5 at 7:30 AM to explore the Mad River Path’s  new Clay Brook Bridge, then cross Rte 100 to Sugarbush Snowmaking Pond and back.  Come join us.

Mad Birder Trio Spies a Snow White Hawk!

  On June 28th, 2011, a trio of Mad Birders: Ali Wagner, Pat Folsom and Patti Haynes headed to Orleans County to help Patti achieve her 2011 goal of birding all fourteen Vermont counties in a single calendar year.  Barr Hill in Greensboro was the target destination, but they were keeping track of every bird […]

Mad Birder list from walk on West Greenway 7/7/11

Hi Mad Birders – Twenty Mad Birders and birder visitors to the Valley were very happy to find lots of birds singing and moving around this morning on the Greenway, west side.  Some of us were quite surprised at the level of bird activity in high summer.  Thanks to Patti Haynes for being the lister […]