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Dead Creek Snow Goose trip

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Weather permitting, Mad Birders will travel to Dead Creek in Addison County to view Snow Geese and other birds of interest on Sunday, October 21.  Dress warmly, bring lunch.  We will leave Wait House at 8 AM, return by 3 PM.

Sandhill Crane Family in Bristol

For the past two or three years, birders have reported a pair of Sandhill Cranes near Bristol Pond (Winona Lake), about 4 miles north of Bristol Village.  This year the couple successfully raised one offspring known as a colt.  These Sandhill Cranes have been feeding in fields around Bristol all fall and are still around […]

October is Sparrow Month

As the temperatures drop, leaves turn, and daylight hours diminish, most of the warblers have headed south, but birding is still good.  The geese, raptors, and sparrows are moving through. The Song, Chipping, Swamp and White-throated Sparrows are still around; White-crowned, Lincoln’s, and Dark-eyed Juncoes are showing up in good numbers, and Fox and American Tree Sparrows […]