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Cooper’s Hawk in Moretown

Mad Birder Scott Sainsbury got this great shot of a Cooper’s Hawk on his birdfeeder yesterday in Moretown.  On June 11th Scott will lead a Spring bird walk on his property, Cross Haven Farm.  Keep a look out for great birds…you never know where they will turn up!

Barred Owl on the wing.

John Reilly of Waitsfield got this marvelous shot of a Barred Owl in his yard last month.  We rarely get to see that wonderful long wing span.  Good shot John!

The Eagle has landed in the Mad River Valley

Mad Birders have been thrilled with the sight of an immature (First Year) Bald Eagle.  “Great Eddy’  was initially spotted by Katie Woodruff near the Covered Bridge over the Mad River on January 12th.  The bird has been seen every day since including on the 16th, when it traveled a few miles north to Moretown.  These photos by Rick Haynes, […]

Barred Owl in Fayston

   Mad Birder Ave Haviland has had regular visits from this Barred Owl this week at her feeder in Fayston.

Birding in the Rain

Sometimes there are feeding frenzies during a rainy day.  A Purple Finch and Pine Siskin wait their turn at the feeder in the cold rain on a late October day.

Visit Lake Champlain for Fall Shorebirds in Migration

This Dunlin was spotted at Shelburne Bay Fishing Access for several days during late October.

Winter Birds Arriving in the Mad River Valley

It’s time for winter birds to start arriving in our beautiful Mad River Valley.  Look for Snow Buntings, Bohemian Waxwings, American Tree Sparrows, Pine Siskins, Common Redpolls and others.   Note the great camoflauge of this bird in the grass, really hard to see in the snow.

Snow Goose on the Mad River!

Mad Birder Scott Sainsbury got this great shot of a rare avian visitor to the Mad River Valley, a Snow Goose.  The bird was seen today, 3/22/10  at the Ward Memorial Recreation Area of the Mad River on Route 100b in Moretown, Vermont.   Way to go Scott!!

Birds of the First Snow

       Mad Birder Bill Martin got these great shots in Warren, Vermont as the first snow of the season blanketed the Mad River Valley on this mid October morning.  We will see the Juncos and Nuthatches all winter long, but these may be our last glimpses of the sparrows until the Spring.  The […]

Summer Residents Head South

This shot of a Warbling Vireo was taken by Mad Birder Scott Sainsbury this week in Moretown. Warbling Vireos typically leave Vermont around the fourth week in September to head for their winter homes, typically located anywhere from Mexico south to El Salvador.