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Sure Signs of Spring

[photopress:easternbluebird_folsom_04_26_06.JPG,full,pp_image] [photopress:whitethroated_folsom_04_26_06.JPG,full,pp_image]

More Birds Arrive in the Valley

An American Kestrel was sitting on the wires on East Warren Rd, two Tree Sparrows were swooping over the fields on Senor Road, and a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker appeared in the yard on East Warren Road today. It’s so nice to have warm sun, warming temperatures, and plenty of birds flying around.

Pond Birds

We are all aware that the ice went out on the Eclipse Pond and the Canada Geese were back nearly as soon as it was gone. Last Sunday the ice went out on the little pond behind the house here on East Warren Rd. As I watched, a pair of Common Mergansers landed close to […]

Spring is Here!

What tells you spring is here – The calendar, crocus in bloom, warm sun?? For many of us, it’s the arrival of birds that we’ve missed all winter. In the past month, the Common Redpolls, Bohemian Waxwings, and Snowy Owl have left our southern climate to head north to nest. Some of the birds we […]