Juvenile Cedar Waxwing Rescue

Posted on Sunday 21 August 2011

Waxwing recovering in a canoe after being helped out of Blueberry Lake


Juvenile Waxwing Perched on the Bow

Two Mad Birders canoeing on Blueberry Lake in Warren, Vermont this past weekend were in the right place at the right time for the little juvenile Cedar Waxwing pictured above.  The birders spied the Waxwing swimming awkwardly across the lake.  They approached and offered it a paddle onto which the bird gratefully climbed.  The bird recovered for about 20 minutes on the bottom of the canoe and then was willing to hop onto the bow.  5 minutes later, the breeze picked up and the bird flew from the bow to a nearby  tree bough on shore.  Moments later an adult Cedar Waxwing flew in and landed next to it.  It appears that the little bird escaped unscathed from its (probably) inadvertent early morning swim.

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