The (not so) Common Redpoll

Posted on Monday 21 January 2013

Bird in Hand – Pat Folsom holds a pair of Common Redpolls

One of the highlights of Mad River Valley birding this winter is the presence of a small energetic bird named the Common Redpoll.  A member of the Finch family, this bird spends the summer breeding season in Canada but occasionally appears in Vermont in large numbers during the winter, especially when food sources further north become scarce.  As this winter has progressed, Mad Birders have been seeing Common Redpolls in flocks as large as 200 birds.  Redpolls eat sunflower and niger seed and happily congregate at backyard feeders making a chorus of delightful buzzy Zreee calls.  Mad Birder Pat Folsom managed to get this pair of redpolls eating out of her hand.  Pat noted that the only thing you need besides the sunflower seeds…is patience.

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