Mourning Warbler: Star of Freeman Hill Road

Posted on Saturday 29 May 2021

Mourning Warbler – Photograph by Rich Kelly – Taken in Hinesburg, Vermont 2019
Mourning Warbler – Photograph by Clem Nilan

Eighteen Mad Birders were treated to a gorgeous fifteen minute serenade by a Mourning Warbler on Saturday May 29th during a stroll up Freeman Hill Road in Moretown. Below is a close up photo of this species taken at a banding station on Mount Mansfield.

Mourning Warbler caught and banded on Mount Mansfield summit ridge – Photo by Michael Sargent

Cooler temperatures kept the insects at bay, and maybe some birds as well, but the group had good looks at many of the thirty species identified. A Great Crested Flycatcher was heard, but not seen and later mimicked by a Gray Catbird.

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