Remembering Ave Haviland

Posted on Tuesday 16 August 2016


The Mad Birders lost one of their own earlier this month as our dear friend Ave Haviland passed from this life into the next. An enthusiastic birder, Ave was also knowledgeable about wildflowers and native plants. She and her late husband Walt were avid hikers and skiers even as they entered their 80’s. Ave especially loved cycling with the local biking group known as the “Silver Streakers” and lamented when she had to decline a bird walk because of a conflict with a Silver Streakers ride.  Ave enjoyed watching birds at her feeders as much as she loved seeing them in the field. Many Mad Birders looked forward to regular chats with Ave to exchange the latest news on what we had seen at our bird feeders during the winter months. We will miss the twinkle in your pretty blue eyes Ave, and will always remember you in your Periwinkle Blue Mad Birders Hat.

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