Mad Birders Score an Orange Crowned Warbler on New Year’s Day

Posted on Friday 2 January 2015

Orange Crowned WarblerThis bird was NOT supposed to be here now. Warblers head south for the winter, right? Well, mostly right…but not always. Zacheriah Cota-Weaver was the first of ten Mad Birders out and about in Washington County on a “First Birding” expedition to notice a small yellow bird in a line of Spruce trees on a small side street in Montpelier. Chip Darmstadt got on the bird and eventually all of the birders got a look at this little jewel. The bird’s cooperation (and that of two very bird friendly homeowners) for about twenty minutes helped the ‘First Birders’clinch the identification. Not a bad first warbler of the year said Zach!

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