Spring and offspring (for Ravens)

Posted on Wednesday 6 May 2009

Raven's Nest with Eggs

This Raven’s nest with eggs was recently photographed here in the Mad River Valley.  Five baby ravens…imagine!

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  1. david Says:

    came across a ravens nest today 6th march. i thought they nest in rock faces and old ruins ,usually inaccessible, but this one was in a bare tree about 35ft up. the raven came off the nest then it was time to leave due to the racket the birds were making.

  2. terri mack Says:


    Quick question…we are writing kids books and are looking for photos of baby ravens. Are your photos available to purchase?

    Thank you!

  3. Jeannie Elias Says:

    Yes. If I can get in touch with the photographer, which I believe I can. Send me an email at info at MadBirders.org
    Jeannie Elias

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