Springtime For the Birds

Posted on Sunday 26 April 2009

Baby Phoebes on Center Fayston Road

It is Springtime, so Vermont’s resident bird population now has to make room for our regular summer visitors.  The singing, calling and displays of migrant and resident birds alike makes this a wonderful time of year.  Be on the look out for birds building nests.  If you see a bird with twigs, grass, moss (or even manmade materials such as string, ribbon or tinsel) in its beak, try to follow it to see where the bird is building its nest.  The mother of these Eastern Phoebes built her nest just inside an open garage on Center Fayston Road in Fayston in May and the babies hatched in June.  The photo was taken by Diana Van Buren, President of the North Fork Audubon Society on Long Island.

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