Birds on the Move

Posted on Tuesday 2 September 2008

It’s fall – birds are flocking, feeding, getting ready to head south.  Some have left, others will be moving to staging areas such as Dead Creek in Addison or the New England Coast before long flights to their wintering grounds.  Fred and Chris Pratt have been monitoring songbird activity on their Ward Hill property since early August, Mad Birders are reporting Common Nighthawks passing through, birders will be checking the skies for migrating raptors and yards for sparrows, warblers and other birds seen during migration.  It’s an exciting time, so keep your binoculars and bird books handy.  Don’t forget to check the rare bird alerts and post your sightings on ebird.


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  1. Vernon Says:

    We are just the flip opposite now. I am trying to bird with every opportunity as summer birds are starting to show on the Namibian coast. Good luck!

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