Beginners Bird Walk – Saturday May 3rd

Posted on Friday 2 May 2008



Tree Swallow


UPDATE: SATURDAY AM — The walk is still on! At this moment, 7 AM, the rain is intermittent and not too heavy. Wear a hat and gloves and a rain jacket, and we’ll see you at Knoll Farm! — Nancy 


The Mad Birders invite those who are new to birding to join us on a Saturday morning walk that will provide an introduction to the joys of bird watching. We’ll briefly share tips on how to use binoculars, some basic bird watching dos and don’ts and share information about birding hot spots in the Mad River Valley. Most of our time will be spent looking for birds at Knoll Farm. We will start at the yard and barn, then walk up through the meadow to the woods. This is one of Mad Birder’s most popular walks each year. In the past two years, we have seen Cliff, Barn, and Tree Swallows, Bobolinks, Scarlet Tanagers, Hermit Thrushes, and a variety of Warblers, to name a few.

We encourage all fledgling birders and anyone interested in increasing birding skills to join us. Bring binoculars if you have them; spare binoculars will be available for those who do not have them.


Event Information: When: Saturday May 3rd, 8:00 to 9:30 AM

Where: Knoll Farm at 730 Bragg Hill Road 

The event will be held “light” rain or shine. 

Contact Nancy Turner at 496-2523 for more information.

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