White-winged Crossbills

Posted on Friday 23 March 2007

I just returned from a short walk, hoping to find the red-bellied woodpecker again. I failed on that mission, but did see three white-winged crossbills (2 males, 1 female) on the west side of East Warren Rd between my sister’s house (3615) and mine (3681). They were in the poplar and birch treetops, nibbling buds. When I first saw them, I thought goldfinch, but checked them out and was thrilled to see that red with white wing bar. As I watched they flew closer, then down on the ground. Fortunately, I learned to carry the camera, so got some good shots that I’ll get on the website soon. Don’t know if they’ve been here before, just passing through, or what, but am going to keep looking. I’ve been thinking that the abundant cones I see from the house should provide lots of food for them this winter.

Update – Four male Crossbills were seen on 4/7/07 in the same spot on East Warren Road, then flew west into the conifers.

Male (on left) and Female Crossbills– If you look VERY carefully at the female, you can see the crossed bill.

Male Crossbill

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