Rain, Rain, and More Rain

Posted on Friday 19 May 2006

The last two weeks have been soggy ones in the Valley, but the birds are arriving anyway.  This week we’ve seen the return of Bobolinks, Baltimore Orioles, Indigo Buntings, many species of warblers. 

Yesterday, two gorgeous Baltimore Orioles investigated the suet feeder, checked out the hummingbird feeder before settling on the orange slices I hastily put out for them. It is the first time they have ever come to a feeder in the yard.  Later in the afternoon, an Indigo Bunting arrived and stayed around for a photo op.  It was a colorful way to end the day. 

Today, five Mad Birders enjoyed a walk at Knoll Farm.  Highlights included Bobolinks, three species of swallows, and Scarlet Tanagers, along with several warbler species in the woods.

Baltimore Oriole

Indigo Bunting


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