Snowy Owl visits East Warren

Posted on Wednesday 22 February 2006

This week birders from the Valley, around Vermont and surrounding states have enjoyed a beautiful snowy owl at the Schoolhouse Market or East Warren Store at the intersection of East Warren and Roxbury Mountain Roads. The snowy owl is a rare winter visitor to Vermont and other northern states. These owls nest in the far north, a few venture south in colder months to find food.

Snowy has been hanging out at the store for almost a month. His favorite perch is the compost pile behind the store, but he has been seen on the roof of the sheds, in trees around the area, or sitting in the field where his white camouflage makes him almost impossible to see, unless you know he’s out there somewhere.

It is important for people watching birds to remember to be respectful and keep their distance. If the bird seems nervous, spends a lot of time watching them, or flies, we are too close and must back off.

Many thanks to the owners and staff at the store for welcoming birders to see this special Valley visitor. May the snowy owl enjoy his stay and remain here into the spring.


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