Albino Chickadee

Posted on Monday 21 November 2005

At about noon on November 17th we spied an unusual looking bird at our rear feeder in Fayston, Vermont. It caught our attention because it had an almost completely white head. We concluded that it was a partial albino chickadee, because the size, shape, behavior and other plumage on the bird looked like a Chickadee. Chico D, as we dubbed him, stayed around for 4 days. On his last day with us, November 20th, I camped out underneath our front feeder with the camera and got a clear shot of him. His beak and feet were pink, another atypical coloration. Though we looked for him every day after that…he evidently flew the coop and has not been seen again.

Albino Chickadee

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  1. Susan Witzell Says:

    Spring 2007 and Spring-Summer 2008. I have had an albino chickadee in my yard during those times. I was not sure what it was until it returned a couple of days ago with three normally marked fledgling chickadees begging and being fed. This albino has only black wing markings, nothing but white on the head, body and tail. Pale feet and beak.

  2. Susan Witzell Says:

    I meant to mention that I live in Falmouth, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod.

  3. Greg Bunker Says:

    I have a 100% albino chickadee at my feeder/area for a few weeks now. eyes appear black except in some pictures, they are red, even without a flash. I am located about 60 miles W/NW of Green Bay, WI.

  4. Kent Taylor Says:

    Positively saw a pure white chickadee today at our suet feeder. Got a good look 360 degrees as he twisted in the breeze. Faintest of wing bars, totally white head and upperbody and breast, black eyes, not sure about beak or feet. Didn’t have my camera near but will from now on.

  5. Kent Taylor Says:

    By the way, this last sighting was 15 miles southwest of Traverse City, Michigan around 10 am.

  6. Cyndi Says:

    Happy Holidays! We had one of these at our feeder today. We live about 45 miles southwest of Traverse City, MI

  7. connie Says:

    Saw a partial albino chickadee just three days ago in Maple Ridge of Alpena ,MI, and it’s been coming daily with all the other chicks to my black sunflower feeders. It was the first I’d ever seen in my life and my mouth dropped open. I wonder if it will stick around all winter.

  8. Deb Says:

    I have a partial albino chickadee at my black oil sunflower feeder, in Northfield Massachusetts. Beak and legs are pink, head comletely white, wngs have bars, faint buff on breast. I didn’t know what it was until s/he gave the classic chick-a-dee-dee-dee call.

  9. Andy Says:

    I have had one at my feeder as well, have not seen one before.
    I live in Muskoka Ontario, Canada (about 100 miles north of Toronto)

  10. marianne Says:


    Would like to Send you a photo of a mostly white Chickadee that was on a hayrake in Morgan, Northeast Kingdom, Vermont.
    Had never seen this one before. I read on another website that since this bird’s eyes are black, and I don’t think the feet are pink, that this is considered a bird with Leucism traits, not an albino bird. Hope to see this one again. It appeared to have chestnut bars on the wings and was alone.

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